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Show Rules And Information

 We are a NAMHSA Approved. NAN cards will be awarded to all the 1st and 2nd place equids in each class. Green cards will be awarded to Halter, Yellow to Collectability/Workmanship, and Pink will be awarded to Performance. For complete NAMHSA rules, please visit their website: .

The Show will be held at the Park Street Brethren Church in the Family Life Center. The church address is:
619 Park Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805
There will be signs that direct you to the hall.

TIME: The showhall will be open at 7:00am. The show will begin promply at 8: 00am.

ENTRY FEE: Entry fee is $45 for all divisions, if received by  12/31/16. Entry will be $50 is received after 12/31/16. Please E-mail me BEFORE you send your entry out, to be sure we have spots available!(I hate sending entries back to people. Very disappointing for all parties.)  All entries close 2/10/17. If you are having horses proxying shown be someone at the show, entry fee is $15. Please send your entry form and payment to me if you are doing so.

CANCELLATIONS: All refunds are at the discretion of the show committee. In the case of bad weather that results in the cancellation of the show, you will be refunded half the cost of your entry fee. If an entrant does not attend, and there is no prior contact that they will no longer be attending the show, the entrant's entry fee is forfeited and non refundable. We expect this show to sell out, as there is limited spots available. No walk in entries day of show please. If you would like to show, you must send an entry form. Your entry entitles you to one full 6 foot round or rectangular table and 2 chairs(we cannot guarantee what type of table you will receive.).  Please specify if you need a full table.  If you do not think you will need a full one, and do not mind sharing with another shower, please put that on your entry form.  You may bring as many horses as you like,  but please be respectful to other showers' space.  Please keep all isles open and free of clutter. Your area is define to the space on and under your table.  There are 49 full table spots available.

RAFFLE: We will be holding a raffle to benefit the Our Mims Thoroughbred Retirement Haven and ReRide Quarter Horse Adoption Program. Ticket are $1 each, or $5 for 6 tickets. To learn more about Our Mims, please visit . For more about ReRide, please visit: .We Are also accepting any donating for the raffle. Anything is greatly appreciated! 

 AWARDS: are TBA from 1st-5th place for classes. Divisional and Overall Champ/Reserve awards are TBA.

COLLECTIBILITY/WORKMANSHIP: All halter classes will be double judged both breed and collectability/workmanship. For OF models, your model MUST have collectability information(saying what the model is, the run, how many made, any info about that model. COA's, information written on index cards, print offs from the Stone Reference Website for Stone models, are all acceptable.), or your model WILL NOT BE JUDGED FOR COLLECTIBILITY.

Class Limits: are 3 models per person per HALTER class, and 2 per PERFORMANCE class. If you would like to enter more models, there is a fee of $1 per model. You may place the $1 in front of the horse when you place it on the table for the class. (NOTE: This is just for HALTER models. Not performance. Performance is still 2 per entrant.)

All horses must be tagged before the show. Your 3 initals an your horse's name on one side, and the breed and gender on the other.  You will lay your horse's tag on the table breed side up.  We will not be flipping tags, so please be sure to make sure that the breed side is up when you put your horse in a class.  The horse will be DQ'ed if the name side is up or if there is no tag.

There will be a 3 minute set up for halter classes, and a 5 minute set up for performance classes. No handlers or props allowed in the halter classes.  You may have a halter on your horse, but if it does not fit your horse correctly, it can knock your horse down in placings. 

All documents and notes of explaination are encouraged in halter, especially if you have a rare or unusual breed.

PONY POUND: There will be a pony pound at the show. Models left behind will be announced to be picked up before taken.  If not claimed, it will then be taken to the pony pound.  Models left behind at the end of the show, will be taken home by the showholders.

SELLING AT TABLES: You are allowed to sell at your tables.  Just be sure not to block isles.

CLASS SPLITS: Classes will be split if they become too large. Class splits are at the discetion of the judge of that division.

STRINGING: In large classes, the judge is allowed to string classes if need be to cut the field down.


Children must be attended at all times.  If your child becomes disruptive, place take them outside til they have calmed down.

Please be careful of others' models, and never pick up anyone else's model without asking permission from them first.  You break it, you buy it!

LUNCH: Lunch will run between 12:00pm-1:00pm.  We encourage you to bring a sack lunch, or there is many fast food places near the church. ( McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Burger King, Arby's, etc) There will also be a poster that has the phone numbers of places that deliver to the church.

LIABILITY: The Monarch View Farms Live Show Staff and Park Street Brethren Church IS NOT  responsible for any loss, theft, personal injury, damage, etc.

RESULTS: Results will be available on the website, or E-mailed if wanted. If you would like them e-mailed to you, please mark that on your entry form.

DIRECTIONS AND MAPS: For directions, the best thing I have found is to go to Google Maps or Mapquest,  and put your address in at the starting point, and the church as the ending point. You will get turn by turn directions and a map.

~Class Descriptions

OF: Any model as it comes from the factory. No alterations allowed.  Touch ups to flaws are allowed, as long as they can't be seen . (Good rule to follow: If someone looking at the model cannot tell in anyway it has been repaired, and the only way they would know is if you told them, then it is fine.)

CM(Custom): Any model altered from it's original form. This can range from a simple repaint to drastic custom.  Mass produced type resins  that have been repainted must show in this division. (i.e. Black Horse Ranch, Starlight models by Kitty Candrell, Sheryl Leisure resin models, Breyer OF resins, Lakeshore models, etc) Custom glaze models must also show in this division, as there is no separate division for these models.

AR(Artist Resin): A resin casting or original sculpture. Can be painted by any artist.

OF Resins: A resin coming from a factory(Sandicast, Breyer, North Light, etc). These will show in the OF Division.

Foals: Will show in their own classes. Anything under 2 years old is considered a  foal.

TEST RUNS/OOAK: These will show in their respective OF classes.

~Judging Criteria

HALTER: All models will be judged on conformation, breed standard, and finish/workmanship. If you have documentation for unusual breeds, please try to copy it from the book.  Please do not set large books on the table.

PERFOMANCE: Judged on the appropriateness/proper fit of tack,  correctness of model executing the manuver that it is  depicting,  correctness of doll(if being used),  and the realism  of the set up/scene.  Documentation/diagrams are reccommended  explaining/ illistrating what the horse is said to be performing. Dolls are optional in all performances, except Showmanship set ups, which they are required.  Props are required in classes where nessessary/appropriate-i/e: arena trail, natural trail,  barrel racing, pole bending,  cattle/stock work, jumping, games, etc). Arena walls, fencing, footing,  and dioramas are optional for classes which do not require props.  All sized models are permitted for show in this divisions.


Please be respectful to each other at all times. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Any demonstration of this type of behavior will be asked to leave withour refund.  We are here to have fun,  so please try to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone.
Please do not talk to the judges while they are judging. (and please rememberm the judges are not just there to judge, but to have a bit of fun too.  Please do not assume that is a judge is talking to an entrant in between classes, during lunch, whatever, that they are "buddying up"  to that person and their models. If you do think there is a problem, please come to the showholder.
No smoking is allowed in the building.
When you sign the entry form, you are agreeing to all the rules setm so please read them carefully. If the rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave without a refund.  No one(entrant, vendor, member of the public, etc) may engage in behavior that is unsportsmanlike or discourteous.(All you past 4-H people,  think back on your 4-H days and their rules) This includes, but is not limited to displays of conduct that tend to embarrass or demean any person, use of languague that is not appropriate for a family event, or arguing with anyone. (judges, show officals, showers, etc) Anyone entering the showhall(entrant, vendor, judge, public, etc) accepts the sole and exclusive liability for any damage, property loss,  personal injury,  or any other criminal/ torturous conduct that may occur. .

If you have any questions concerning the show, , including if you have a question on where a certain entry goes, please email us!

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