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Monarch View Farms Entry Form



3 Initials:_______________________________


City:___________________  State:________________  Zip:____________



Are you attending the show or having horses proxy shown:____________________________ 

Who is proxying for you?:_______________________________

Divisions: Please indicate an approximate number of how many horses you plan to enter in each division.

OF Minis_______________        Custom Halter____________

OF Halter______________        Performance______________
Artist Resin Halter_____________

CM/AR Mini Halter_____________________

Please specify if you would like a full or half table:_________________________

Would you like to be seated besided someone specfically?:________________________________________________________

Entry Fee:__________($45- If you have having horses proxy shown by someone else, the proxy entry fee is only $15)

Late Fee:___________($5 if after 12/31/16)

Trophy Sponsoring:_____________($5.00)-Please indicate which trophy you would like to sponsor. See list at bottom.

Total amount enclosed:______________

Please make checks and money orders out to Chesna Wertz(sorry, no PayPal)

Mail Entries to: Chesna Wertz

                  996 Twp. Rd. 553

                  Ashland, Ohio 44805


By signing here I agree to abide to all the rules and regulations set forth by the Monarch View Farms Live Shows showholder and Show Hall. I also agree to abide by the Code of Conduct(COC) as listed in the show paacket and website.


If under 18, have parent/legal guardian sign also:________________________________________

List of trophies available for sponsoring: Overall Breyer Breed Champion, Overall Breyer Breed Reserve, Overall Breyer Collectability Champion, Overall Breyer Collectability Reserve, Overall Stone Breed Champion, Overall Stone Breed Reserve, Overall Stone Collectability Champion, Overall Stone Collectability Reserve, OF Mini Breed Champion, Overall Mini Breed Reserve, Overall Mini Collectability Champion, Overall Mini Collectability Reserve, Overall Custom Breed Champion, Overall Custom Breed Reserve, Overall Custom Workmanship Champion, Overall Custom Workmanship Reserve, Overall AR Breed Champion, Overall AR Breed Reserve, Overall AR Workmanship Champion, Overall AR Workmanship Reserve, Overall CM/AR Mini Breed Champion, Overall CM/AR Mini Breed Reserve, Overall CM/AR Mini Workmanship Champion, Overall CM/AR Mini Workmanship Reserve, Overall Performance Champion, Overall Performance Reserve